Your Perfect Suspension System

People drive 4×4 for various reasons. Some use it for work purposes. Some use it to fuel their inner adventurous self. Then we have another group of 4×4 owners who just love the vehicle and buy (one or more) to fulfil their passion when it comes to owning this beast of a vehicle. Then there are some other people who just love their motor vehicles. Or motor heads, as they would be known in their world. For those who enjoy their machines and 4x4s, this is aimed at helping you pick out or build the perfect suspension system and lift kits in particular.

When assembling the perfect suspension kits we must pay attention to importance of getting the 4×4 lift kits right. These lift kits rely on key elements such as high performance, durability, off-road performance and handling, speed handling, quality of material used and finally the quality of drive.

When it comes to high performance in the lift kit, it isn’t only about how fast you go or about off-road performance. It is also about how efficient your vehicle is and the value of performance based on the types and kinds of oils and fuel you use. 

Then the component of durability in 4×4 lift kits in Perth. Chances are that you would not be driving on the highway and you would be taking your 4×4 down lesser-travelled gruel roads that your vehicle is supposed to ideally travel on. For such times it is vital that the lift kit in your 4×4 suspension system is durable because chances are that you would not find an emergency pit stop where you are.

Next is even a favourite of ours – off-road performance and off-road handling. If it is not for work, most would buy a 4×4 for the love of adventure, the rush of adrenaline and driving on perilous routes in a monster truck. Hence it is important for the lift kit and suspension system in your 4×4 to have the capacity to withstand the adventure that is to get them head on.

While speeding as we know is not the main feature most seek in 4x4s, having the added advantage of speed is not something most would fuss about. Imagine yourself travelling through the stretch of a valley after a relentless ascent or descent, speed would be one of the first things that you would want make the most of at such a time.

Finally we have the quality of material used. While this might be the nagging thought in the back of your mind, it is always vital to ensure that the lift kit, exhaust system and suspension system in your 4×4 have quality material used for all of the above reasons.

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Living Room

Halloween is the day for having fun and eating all the candy you want. It is also the day for the brave hearts to encounter all the scary situations and come out unperturbed while it scares the life out of the normal ones. DIY Halloween decorations are the best for most of us as it is easier on your wallet and also you can have fun customizing.

• Floating witch’s hat
Grab a couple of regular paper witch’s hat from the local store or make your own out of black paper you can purchase from it. Then sewing up the triangle and the circle to create a hat add a wire at the base of the triangle to help the hat hold a candle like those seen in Chinese lanterns. You can hang these up in your front yard or the porch along with LED car lights to let your neighbourhood know that you are ready for this Halloween.
• Cat lanterns
A slight deviation from the regular lanterns these use the pumpkins whole for those who are too lazy to carve them. Paint some pumpkins sized small to medium in black paint. The smaller sized ones can be used for the head of the cat-o-lantern while the body should be made of the tall large pumpkins. Carve out the inside and give two eyes to the car head and then light the candle inside to give off an eerie feeling on your front steps.
• Bloody hand window clings
The window clings on the store can end up melted to your window in most case scenarios. And it will be headache to remove them afterwards after the Halloween vibe has gone off and you get around for cleaning. So instead go for DIY window clings using glue and food colouring. You always paint the handprints onto white paper and hang it on your window along with some red LED auto lights to add to the scary feature. Check this link  to find out more reviews regarding LED car headlights.
• Cotton candy centre pieces
The shades of a cotton candy are pretty and are wonderful to be used for a centrepiece for your Halloween dinner. Grab some empty transparent wine bottles and spray paint the outside in the cotton candy shades. Add an orange ribbon to the top of the bottle to add to the charm.
Halloween is the season of having fun with your family and friends and also getting the chance to dress up at work for the adults. So make sure to incorporate these ideas to your Halloween décor as they double as a family bonding activity.

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Car

Buying a vehicle is a very important decision that you make. There are many options available in the market, from classic to vintage to sports to modern, so when you are walk in to a dealership, you should know bear in mind what exactly you want as your car, and then buy it. This should not be a long frustrating process, if you are well prepared. A few things you should consider when buying a car is as follows:

Check the price and the model year

Before you go to the dealer store to buy the car, check the price of the car online. Price quoted of the car online can be lower than the actual price of the car. Therefore, specifically look at the ad on to the price quoted on line. Also, look at the model of the car. A newer version of the car you are considering to buy may be available. Look at the new additions and the modifications of the new model. There maybe a high price increment attached with a few minor additions to the new model. Or else, the newer version may have much more advanced options for a reasonable price. After you check the price check the auto parts. Bear this is mind when you are going to buy a new car. 

Check the background of your dealer

Once you buy a car, you might have to have a long lasting relationship with the dealer. Therefore, look up online and see whether your dealer is easy to work with. There are many places, which offer classic cars for sale or vintage cars for sale. Google and see how they offer services after you buy their car. Best way to find about this is to join online forums and ask from other people who have bought cars from the dealer that you are thinking of buying your car.

Discounts and credit checks

Make sure that you have a good credit record when you are going to buy a car. It would ease the process if you are going to finance your car or if you are going to take a loan to buy the car. Also look at the loan entitlements and finance rates available in your area. Sometimes, finance rate that the dealer offer may be lower than the loan entitlement that the bank offer. Consider all options and make sure that you choose the best option that’s available. Also look at the discount rates available for cars. Most government offer large tax concessions for hybrids and electric vehicles. Look at these options as well.