5 Tips For A Fantabulous Australian Road Trip

Road trips are one of the best ways to discover the natural beauty and wildlife of Australia, especially in the summer. As fun as going off road is, it’s also risky. So to enjoy a hassle-free road trip Down South without unwanted trouble, follow these useful tips:

1. Plan an itinerary, but not too strictly

It’s important to know where you are going. You should create a route map with help from online resources, like Google Maps, and advice from friends and off-road experts. However, don’t expect to follow your itinerary like a religion. Going off road is unpredictable with delays and essential car repair stops. So feel free to venture off your itinerary and don’t stick to a timetable.

2. Take a map

Less-travelled, off-the-beaten-path roads may not register well with Google Maps or modern GPS devices. Paper maps, on the other hand, are very good at detailing little-known trails and shortcuts. Therefore, don’t hit the road without a map specially drawn for road trippers and tourists.

3. Car vs. van

Pretty much the biggest decision you make before you hit the road will be choosing between a van and a car. Vans are great if you are going with friends, and offer ample space for sleeping or preparing meals. Cars are okay for lone wolves or couples, and are better for navigating unpaved tracks. Either way, you should choose a four-wheeled ride that can handle rough terrain. There aren’t that many car repair shops in the outback.

4. Don’t leave without first-aid

Your vehicle should always have a basic first aid kit with necessary supplies to treat cuts, bruises, minor burns, accidental poisonings or allergic reactions. It should also have hand sanitizer and antiseptic swabs. Take special care to stock up on any prescription medication. If you are leaving with others, ask them to bring extra doses of their prescription medications.

5. Pack right

You need to pack keeping in mind the terrain you are traveling. Take extra clothes with you in case you damage one or two of your outfits. Pack sunblock and aloe if you plan to encounter the harsh sun. Don’t forget your swimsuits or other gear if you are travelling along the coast. If you are driving in cold weather, pack appropriate clothes and moisturizer for dry skin. Don’t forget bug repellent.

Your road trip will be all the more fun with some good music, so rearrange your playlist before you leave. Keep a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. If travelling with others, everyone should get together before the trip to discuss what to bring and each other’s pet peeves, which will make your road trip go much smoother. Click this link http://www.richmondcarcare.com.au/our-services/chainsaws for more information about buy chainsaws Richmond.