Easy DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Living Room

Halloween is the day for having fun and eating all the candy you want. It is also the day for the brave hearts to encounter all the scary situations and come out unperturbed while it scares the life out of the normal ones. DIY Halloween decorations are the best for most of us as it is easier on your wallet and also you can have fun customizing.

• Floating witch’s hat
Grab a couple of regular paper witch’s hat from the local store or make your own out of black paper you can purchase from it. Then sewing up the triangle and the circle to create a hat add a wire at the base of the triangle to help the hat hold a candle like those seen in Chinese lanterns. You can hang these up in your front yard or the porch along with LED car lights to let your neighbourhood know that you are ready for this Halloween.
• Cat lanterns
A slight deviation from the regular lanterns these use the pumpkins whole for those who are too lazy to carve them. Paint some pumpkins sized small to medium in black paint. The smaller sized ones can be used for the head of the cat-o-lantern while the body should be made of the tall large pumpkins. Carve out the inside and give two eyes to the car head and then light the candle inside to give off an eerie feeling on your front steps.
• Bloody hand window clings
The window clings on the store can end up melted to your window in most case scenarios. And it will be headache to remove them afterwards after the Halloween vibe has gone off and you get around for cleaning. So instead go for DIY window clings using glue and food colouring. You always paint the handprints onto white paper and hang it on your window along with some red LED auto lights to add to the scary feature. Check this link http://www.autoelecwarehouse.com.au/HELLA-Fog-and-Driving-Lamps-s/2125.htm  to find out more reviews regarding LED car headlights.
• Cotton candy centre pieces
The shades of a cotton candy are pretty and are wonderful to be used for a centrepiece for your Halloween dinner. Grab some empty transparent wine bottles and spray paint the outside in the cotton candy shades. Add an orange ribbon to the top of the bottle to add to the charm.
Halloween is the season of having fun with your family and friends and also getting the chance to dress up at work for the adults. So make sure to incorporate these ideas to your Halloween décor as they double as a family bonding activity.